PlayStation Plus: Germinator and Pinball Arcade Free, Metro: Last Light Season Pass Discounted

PS Plus store update.

Along with the PSN Ultimate Editions sale tomorrow, Sony will give PlayStation Plus members both Germinator and Pinball Arcade for free.

Germinator, a PS Vita title, will provide a familiar match-three game experience requiring players to match three germs of the same color, to trigger explosions and prevent them from rising too high. Pinball Arcade, a Cross-Buy title for the PS Vita and PS3, provides players with pinball tables like Ripley's Believe it or Not and the Black Whole.   

Discounted on PSN, the Metro: Last Light season pass will recieve a 25% discount for PS Plus members. If you don't know much about the second entry in the Metro series, you can read our review. Also discounted, Men's Room Mayhem and a Darkstalkers Resurrection + Super Puzzle Fighter 2 bundle will both recieve 30% discounts.

If you are not a member of PlayStation Plus, GameStop stores will exlusively offer a deal where you can buy a year of PlayStation Plus membership which also graciously comes with $10 worth of PSN credit. Between the Ultimate Edition sale tomorrow and this week's offerings of PlayStation Plus freebies and discounts, Sony intends to keep you busy until E3. Hopefully during the new Xbox reveal as well. 

Source: PlayStation Blog