FIFA 14 Reveal at Xbox Event

Facebook page notifies fans of FIFA 14 reveal.

Tomorrow at Xbox's next-gen console reveal, FIFA 14 will join Call of Duty: Ghosts for Microsoft's line-up of software reveals. The announcement came from EA's official Facebook page confirming with a banner a promising look at "the next generation of FIFA."

The announcement of the FIFA 14 reveal arrives not even a week after EA's decision to skip a Wii U release with both FIFA 14 and Madden NFL 25.

The announcement of the FIFA 14 reveal doesn't come as a surprise, it just counters this morning's report of Aaron Greenberg's statement suggesting that tomorrow's event will reveal "the next Xbox platform and our [Microsoft's] vision for the future of games."

Scheduled to air for a single hour tomorrow on Spike TV, showing Call of Duty: Ghosts, FIFA 14, the rumored Illumiroom, Xbox hardware and any potential unannounced games, seems like a lot of content for a single hour.

Tomorrow's event will focus on the reveal of the hardware iself, while during E3, the main stage will focus on future Xbox games.To participate in the event, you can watch the event at 10am PDT or 1pm Eastern time on May 21st. The event will stream on and Spike TV.