Dawngate MOBA First Look, Beta Sign Up Available

First video gameplay explains the direction of Dawngate.

EA Games and Waystone Games showed the first gameplay footage for their new MOBA, Dawngate. Discovered through its official website last week, Machinima got a first look at the new MOBA on their YouTube channel.  

Dawngate will look to deliver all of the familiar MOBA mechanics while also contributing a unique perspective on some basic ideas within the genre. Waystone Games wants to put greater emphasis on the lore by injecting a personality into each character and map of Dawngate, despite a MOBA's competitive nature.

Lead producer on Dawngate, Dave Cerra, explained the similarities the MOBA genre explosion shares with early shooters.

 "When I look at where MOBA is, it reminds me of where shooters were in the mid 90's, where there was a lot of recreation of design over and over again. And then the genre just exploded… all of these different dimensions came into gameplay. "

Dave Cerra feels that the genre reached a point where ideas can grow beyond those already established and goes on to explain Waystone's own.

Dawngate takes a look back at its real-time strategy roots and introduces Spirit Wells. Spirit Wells represent an economy objective that aims to provide income for your team. If your team controls the Spirit Well, workers spawn and automatically harvest resources. Throughout the game, both teams can regain control of Spirit Wells for their own advantage.

In each lane you will find Bindings – a turret tower – that also controls the evolution of the lane monster, the Strider. Destroy a tower and the Strider transforms into a second form, gaining newer abilities with each destroyed Binding. To give a chance for the losing to regroup and comeback, the Bindings will reconstruct over time.

If interested, you can participate in the beta on May 24th by signing up on their official website