PSN Ultimate Editions Sale Discounts 10 PS3 Game Bundles

Week long sale discounts full games and their DLC.

Starting on May 21st, PS3 owners can purchase any of the 10 Ultimate Editions discounted on the Playstation 3.

Ultimate Editions consist of complete, full retail games that also include all of each game's subsequent DLC. Each discount of the 10 games in these Ultimate Edition packages can reach as high as 60% off for regular PlayStation Network members and up to 75% off for PlayStation Plus members.

The list of games, in the picture above or on the PlayStation blog, consists of games like Far Cry 3 (but it's unclear if this includes the Blood Dragon DLC), Assassin's Creed 3 and Batman: Arkham City. If you never played a Batman Arkham title before, get ahead now before Batman: Arkham Origins releases this October.

Since we quickly approach Sony's E3 set in early June, their press conference will reveal more information on the PS4. These convenient sales will provide a perfect opportunity to catch up on any PS3 titles you never found a chance to play. E3 approaches quicker than you imagine, this PlayStation 4 hardware teaser proves it.  

The 60% and 75% discounts will last until the end of the week. After May 27th, these Ultimate Editions discounts will drop to %40 for the largest discounts.