Civilization 5: Brave New World Expansion Adds Morocco, Indonesia

Two new Brave New World leaders revealed.

Joining the nine new civilizations coming to the Civilization 5: Brave New World expansion, developers Firaxis revealed both Morocco and Indonesia.

The Moroccan civilization, lead by Ahmad al-Mansur, takes advantage of Brave New World's new trading route system by providing significant gold and culture bonuses for every trade route established using their Gateway to Africa ability. Replacing the standard cavalry, Morocco's Berber Cavalry gains a combat bonus on desert tiles and in home territory. To encourage settling cities on landmasses with desert tiles, the Kabash tile improvement grants defense, food, production and gold. Build the Petra World Wonder and expect to dominate with Morocco, even in the desert.

Lead by Prime Minister Gajah Mada, the Indonesian empire will come with the unique Spice Islanders ability. If Indonesia settles their first three cities on new continents, the ability will grant Indonesia two unique luxury resources. For players organizing game sessions not on single landmasses and instead with islands divided by water, Indonesia will reward players who love to explore and expand their empires early. Replacing the swordsman, Indonesia will instead fight with the Kris Swordsman – a unit which receives a single upgrade after the first combat encounter. And finally, the unique Candi building will replace the Garden and will also provide a faith bonus in addition to the quicker great people generation.

The Civilization 5: Brave New World expansion, which aims to make the late game Cultural Victory a viable option, releases July 9th for $30.