League of Legends EU-West Players Report Lag Spikes

The game has been unplayable for some players on the EUW servers in LoL.


League of Legends players on the EU-W servers are reporting that the game is facing random bouts of latency despite reports that pings are normal.

"My ping says that everything is normal but I'm lagging like I can feel my champion not moving directly when I click," wrote Hypoftw on Reddit. "There's some delay."

Others have echoed his statements, and there has been no official response from Riot Games regarding the matter.

"Disconnecting, unable to reconnect to game again," wrote another named Algernonus. "Not fun. Some firewall business occasionally. Really odd!"

Though the problem appears to have gotten widespread attention on reddit, an official response has yet to be issued as for now. We'll post an update regarding the situation as it breaks.