Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Fact Sheet and Placeholder Packshot Revealed

A fact sheet for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 reveals some startling details about the game.

lightning returns final fantasy 13

Square Enix has released a fact sheet for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, a game which is slated for release later this year for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The game is described as a new Final Fantasy adventure, which gives the player direct control over Lightning in a "constantly moving, expansive environment," as she embarks on a quest to save a doomed world from being destroyed. The description asks: "How will you spend your final days?"

Well, by saving the world, in case it wasn't that obvious.

The fact sheet contains everything we already know about the game, stating that we get to have Lightning under our direct control this time around, with a "highly evolved range of techniques for battles and exploring the environment." Lightning can be customized with a range of different outfits and weapons, which not only affect how she looks but also alter her actions and abilities.

The combat has also been overhauled, in that it gives players a level of direct control over the action "unlike any Final Fantasy game" while having iconic elements that are "known and loved throughout the series."

What's interesting about the fact sheet is its remark that the player must use his or her time well.

"A World on a course for total annihilation presents unique challenges," reads the factoid. "Where certain areas, missions, and people will only be available during select periods. How will you use your remaining time?"

It certainly sounds like Lightning Returns may be borrowing more than a few elements from Majora's Mask, especially if time is a factor.

Some retailers also received placeholder artwork for the game, seen below: