Rayman Legends Goes Underwater in New Trailer

Rayman and his friends take a dive.

Ubisoft has released another trailer for its upcoming (if much delayed) game Rayman Legends. This one is called “20,000 lums under the sea”, and while it unfortunately doesn't feature another musical level like Castle Rock (which you can play for yourself if you download the demo on the Wii U) or Mariachi Madness (which is set to Eye of the Tiger), it's still worth a watch if you want to see the kinds of experiences you can expect when you eventually get the game.

We start off with Rayman and a couple of his friends diving into the ocean and collecting lums as dozens of fish swim by, and then some deeper diving suggests that either they can breathe underwater or just hold their breath for a really long time. Of course, the ocean won't be all serene, and will feature hazards like floating spiky death balls with skulls on them. We also may meet sharks who wear shirts and trousers and throw electrified objects, though that doesn't seem entirely sensible in a world filled with water.

Murfy – controlled by whoever has the GamePad if you get the game for the Wii U – gets to help in ways we haven't seen before, holding what looks like a lamp above his friends for unknown reasons. And then the video rounds off with Rayman and Barbara running through an underwater pipe as it cracks and collapses around them and is then chomped by a big red sea creature.

No word yet on whether one of the underwater levels does actually feature 20,000 lums.


Rayman Legends will launch for Wii U, PS3, and 360 on August 30.