Xbox 720: Images of the Xbox Reveal Venue Posted by Microsoft Employees

Microsoft are building a whole new venue for May 21st.

Ahead of the next Xbox Reveal a week from today on May 21st Microsoft employees have Tweeted some images of the venue being specially constructed for the occasion at the company's Redmond compound. 

Aaron Greenberg is Microsoft's chief of staff for the Interactive Entertainment Business, the branch of the company responsible for Xbox. Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb meanwhile is the director of Programming for Xbox Live. 

When the company announced the May 21st event they commented that the occassion would present "A new generation." Microsoft has also said that they will be returing to gamescom with the "Next chapter of Xbox gaming experiences."

Hryb has previously commented that the May 21st event will offer "a real taste of the future" with the company's "full lineup of blockbuster games" being unveiled at E3.

Among the games expected to be announced for the next Xbox are a new Forza, Crytek's Ryse, Project Gotham Racing 5 and possibly an "Upcoming Halo." Even if a new Halo isn't announced for the system's launch window we know 343 Industries are developing Halo 5 and Halo 6 as the continuation of the Reclaimer Trilogy which started with Halo 4