Dark Souls 2 Shield Design Contest Produces the Marble Shield

One person in this heated contest has created a detailed video of his slick shield.

Have you ever wanted to create something that was featured in a real, AAA title? Well, Namco Bandai has given its fans that ability by creating a contest to invite players to design a shield that, if chosen by the public, will make it into Dark Souls 2. Plenty of entries have been compiled, but a recent video being considered is worth its own look.

The Marble Shield, which would be in the “great shield” classification, started out as nothing but a passing thought for YouTube user yeris, but after some serious design work, the armament has come to fruition. It has finally “risen from the darkest part of the abyss,” and it needs your vote in order to stay afloat.

Unlike the game itself, this competition isn’t too brutal. There will be multiple winning designs, and their creators will receive copies of the game, have their shields featured within the title as useable items, and most importantly, see their names attached to the creations. Really, it's a fun way to involve the community in a small part of the development process. 

If you want to see what other people have come up with, there’s still a contest going on via Facebook. Also, if you like what you saw above, send the creator some love and vote for something he sunk a great deal of time into.