Sony ‘Prepared to do Whatever it Takes’ to Avoid Delay in PS4 Europe Launch

Sony will put Europe and North America before Japan with PS4 stock.

CVG sources have said that Sony is "prepared to do whatever it takes" to avoid a delay in launching the PlayStation 4 in Europe.

According to the report Sony expects Microsoft to significantly up its game in the region where the Xbox 360 has consistently trailed the PS3. As a result, Sony plans to launch the PS4 in Europe at the same as North America having learnt from the Xbox 360's head start advantage as well as to ensure PlayStation maintains its market lead in the area.

While the Xbox 360 is dominant in both North America and the UK it lags behind in continental Europe, Australia and most notably Japan where some retailers no longer even stock the system. While it seems unlikely that the next Xbox will make much traction in Japan Microsoft's next console could concievably increase its market share in Europe. 

According to CVG's insider if PS4 stock is limited and supply problems begin to crop up Sony will prioritise North America and Europe over what they preceive to be "safe" Japan. 

Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 are on course for 80 million unit sales in the not too distant future. The PS3 launched in March 2007 in Europe significantly later than the Xbox 360 which arrived in the region in December 2005 and almost six months after the North American and Japanese release of the PS3.

GameStop and UK retailer GAME have both previously indicated that they believe the console will launch globally this year.

A Sony spokesperson declined to comment on the matter.