Set Your Sights On This Six Minute Leak of Watch Dogs

Six minutes of Watch Dogs just got leaked ahead of schedule.

Watch Dogs

A surprise Mother’s Day gift from the hardworking people at Ubisoft Montreal, by the way of some guy who leaked six minutes of Watch Dogs gameplay on the net. Which of course, due to the subject of the game is kinda ironic.Thanks guy. Or girl. Because people leaking stuff can also be girls, you know. Anyway. Watch Dogs.

The video shows off what the upcoming game will be all about. Stealthy intrusions of highly secured compounds, social hacking by annoying random thugs in the streets with video cameras, information gathering, and, well, the world through Google Glasses as the developers imagine them.

The game, especially the UI look suspiciously close to Assassin’s Creed’s Animus, and then again of course completely different. Car chases! Remote hacking! Shootouts! Chicago! It does look very promising actually. Check out the video before Ubi swoops in and has it taken down.

There's a better chance that they'll simply announce it on Monday tomorrow, but at least you'll be able to watch it a day early. It's the least we can get out of the game that's still a long way from release.