The Sims 3: Dragon Valley Trailer Released

Can your Sims tame dragons?

Even though The Sims 4 is on its way next year EA and Maxis are continuing to make expansions for 2009's The Sims 3 and have released a trailer for the upcoming Dragon Valley pack.  

The Sims 3: Dragon Valley promises "A new world, new stories and… cute baby dragons." It's all a bit Game of Thrones and, indeed, one of the characters does look a bit like Daenerys Targaryan, George RR Martin's 'Mother of Dragons'. There's already been The Sims: Medieval so Dragon Valley will likely recall some elements of that game in terms of aesthetic at least.

Dragon Valley launches on May 30th on The Sims 3 store and you need a copy of The Sims 3 to unlock the expansion. You can play with dragons, eggs, scales, fire and all sorts of associated fantasy tropes. Notably, elves are mentioned so you may soon be able to give your Sims pointy ears if you so wish.  

So far we've only seen baby dragons so it's not yet clear if you can raise them to match, say, The Hobbit's Smaug. 

You can see Dragon Valley's trailer below.