Pokemon X And Y Could Very Well be Set in France

Details in the trailer seem to hint at a European setting for Pokemon X & Y.

DeviantART user Pimmerman has created a map showing the probable location of the upcoming 3DS exclusives Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Surprisingly, based on an extensive study of the games' trailer, the seventh generation Pokemon titles will not be set in Japan but rather in France. The location based on the trailer seems to be Île-de-France based on the two monuments that appeared.

According to Pimmerman:

  • While the male hero is rollerblading you see behind him a metal tower, this is most likely the Eiffel Tower. 
  • While the heroine is running across a bridge we see what appears to be the Palace of Versailles, which was formerly the home of the monarchy prior to the French Revolution. 
  • The male hero can be seen running through a desert and while there are no deserts in France we see what appears to be the French Observatory, a collection of large seemingly floating circular structures. 

Each game in the series uses a real location and it seems X & Y will be based in the northern coastal region of France. Pimmerman's map shows the three locations from the trailer below.

Pokemon X & Y are set to be released in October and you can see the tailer Pimmerman examined through here. The games will see a new Eevee evolution as well as a new Mewtwo evolution. They are the first two Pokemon games which will be completely 3D in terms of gameplay style, including characters and even the battle system has been revamped showing 3D attacks.

Pokemon X and Y are set for release on October 2013. The games are exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS.