Watch_Dogs Co-Developer Ubisoft Reflections Planning E3 Announcement

The game is “something I’m not supposed to tell you about” says studio boss.

British developer Ubisoft Reflections is planning an announcement for E3 in four weeks time the studio's managing director Pauline Jacquey has revealed. 

Joystiq reports Jacquey's comments from the Game Horizon conference where she said "We work on Watch_Dogs. We work on [Just Dance 4], and we work on something that I'm not supposed to tell you about. I wish I could. It's going to be announced at E3."

Ubisoft Reflections has until this point largely collaborated on in-development Ubisoft projects including Far Cry 3, the last game Reflections was lead developer on was 2011's Driver: San Francisco.

It's not yet known whether Reflections' next game will be a new franchise or work on an existing Ubisoft IP. 

Despite Nintendo not having a press conference at E3 this year it's expected this will be one of the most exciting in several years as Sony and Microsoft pit their next generation consoles against each other and both will likely have plenty of new announcements.

In addition, DICE and Respawn are both expected to reveal new games while BioWare will show off more details of Dragon Age 3: Inquisition as well as a new IP.