Game Informer Teases Cover Story, ‘Biggest Since GTA IV’

Game Informer’s Cover Story to be longest since GTA IV.

Game informer  cover story question mark

The longest story that Game Informer ever published was its report on Grand Theft Auto 4 many years ago. Writers at the magazine has been teasing that their upcoming cover, which releases tomorrow, will be bigger and longer than anything else they've ever done, including their exclusive cover story of GTA IV

Clearly intrigued, Internet sleuth Superannuation took Andrew Reiner, EIC of Game Informer to task with the claim, asking him whether the game in question was either Destiny or Wolfenstein (via neoGAF). Reiner responded immediately, stating that it was neither of those games and that it was nothing Bethesda was teasing earlier today—a game widely believed to be either Wolfenstein or Prey 2, as we reported earlier.

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According to Reiner, the GTA IV cover story was 20 pages long. This one will be longer, and it will be of an unannounced next-gen title from a major publisher. Whatever it is, it's destined for release on the PS4 or Xbox 720, or both. 

Gamers speculating on what the game might be have suggested that it is unlikely that the game would be GTA 5, as the magazine also published a cover for GTA 5 recently, so there's little reason for them to publish yet another cover of the same game ahead of its release. 

What then, could it be? I guess we'll find out tomorrow.