Latest Divekick Character Revealed is “The Baz”

Lightning loops and Spidey swings.

Just a short while ago on Iron Galaxy’s channel, a new Divekick character was revealed. The Baz is a character with very unique mechanics that make him sound overpowered, but in actual practice, seems to be well balanced.

When he attacks, he leaves a trail of lighting with his dive kicks. His actual kicks and feet don’t do any damage and he can’t kill opponents physically. Only his lightning trails are able to connect and kill his rivals. Because of this, he is unable to get headshots. Being able to change his dive trajectory seems to be a fair trade, however.

Iron Galaxy seems to be referencing quite a few things with this character. In an episode of Fighterpedia on Machinima, a rejected Street Fighter II character was mentioned. His name was Zubaz and he managed to be quite a hit with popular “Let’s Play” personalities, Two Best Friends and their fans. Zubaz wore an outfit similar to Divekick’s The Baz, and also carried around a whip.

The fighting game character referenced in The Baz’s lighting trails is most likely Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s Zero. The angle, speed, and visuals of The Baz’s lightning is reminiscent of Zero’s Raikousen attack. The Baz also has the ability to grapple and swing across the screen, perhaps referencing another Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character, Taskmaster.

The Baz looks like a fun character to play as, but he seems a little too complicated for someone like me. I’ll most likely stick with Kick for a while!