Artist Celebrates Pokemon X and Y with Poster Featuring Every Pokemon

DeviantArt member Tails19950 says project took six days to finish.

The Road to Pokemon X and Y

Are you excited for the sixth generation of Pokemon?

Like many of us, Pokemon has been around since our childhood. For some of us, it was one of our first video games, and the only game worth getting for the GameBoy. Nearly two decades later, it's still a beloved franchise and still going strong, with the newest generation set to hit stores later this year, making all of your friends disappear.

Nowhere is this love more prevalent than on the Internet. Today, we're highlighting one of the most prevalent efforts we've seen. A DeviantArt artist has put together a poster that features all pre-sixth generation Pokemon. Yes, every single one. All 649 of them.

You can see the poster above, or see a full-resolution version here.

The artist, Tails19950, said that the piece took six full days to make, and was organized by region. For example, the first day had the artist laying out the legendaries, and then moving on to the other regions, starting with the Kanto and Johto regions.

The artist has not done all the different forms (except for Unown), so not every iteration is depicted, but regardless this is impressive.

Pokemon X and Y will launch in October 2013. Be sure to keep checking back with us for the latest rumors and announcements.