Pokemon X and Y New Rumors Surface

Pokemon rumors abound!

The Pokemon franchise is a force to be reckoned with. It stands alongside series such as Final Fantasy in terms of its long-standing association with video games. With the next iterations upon us – Pokemon X and Y – come rumors regarding various Pokemon, both old and new.

One of these rumors is that Absol, one of the more well-designed Pokemon, will be seeing an evolution in Pokemon X and Y. Considering the Pokemon is such a fan favorite and a bit underpowered, it's easy to say that this will be welcomed with open arms should it prove to be true.

Another evolution-related rumor is that Jynx will be getting a second form as well. This unique Pokemon could benefit greatly from a change in skills and form, as its current model is less than satisfactory.

Next is the rumor that Heracross and Pinsir will both be getting pre-evolutions, which are weaker forms that will eventually evolve into the Pokemon of the same name. One suggestion is that Game Freak ditches this idea and gives them cool evolutions, but there is some scarcity in pre-evolutions, so these fit pretty well into the Pokemon universe.

Sableye, a Dark/Ghost type Pokemon, is rumored to be receiving an evolution as well. Considering that his stats are about average and he looks a bit outdated, it's likely that this will happen as well.

According to PokemonBlackandWhite, Sylveon is rumored to be a Fairy-type Pokemon. While this will add another Pokemon to the array of Fairy types, it's also rumored that Clefairy and Togepi will both be re-typed.