Playstation 4 Data Discovered by Hacker

By way of the Playstation Network, a hacker has revealed some information regarding the PS4.

A member of the PS3 community, SKFU, is a known hacker. He's become very good at finding and decrypting packets of information sent through Sony's console. While this doesn't make Sony very happy, his work sheds a lot of light on reveals that haven't had their curtain lifted yet. Earlier today, SKFU sniffed out some content through the Playstation Network that appears to be data pertinent to the Playstation 4.

SKFU uses his own proprietary software from what we can tell, titled "PSN Store Secrets Search." While the tool looks to have pulled all the activity from a certain time period off of Sony's quality assurance servers, SKFU has filtered all of the results to simply show Playstaiton 4-related material.

What was revealed, as you can see in the screenshot below, is that Sony is gearing up for the launch of its console later this year. Contextually, it appears that Sony is already uploading information to the Playstation Network for various uses – announcements, storefront displays and other marketing material.

What really makes all this a sight to behold is the fact that people are still accessing Sony's private servers with ease. Anonymous wreaked havoc on th Playstation Network last year, and while SKFU's intent isn't so malicious, we're still left to wonder why security hasn't been beefed up. At any rate, it will be interesting to see how this data makes its way around the hacking community. Now that its gone public, the material is subject to everyones' theories.

Credit: Wololo