Battlefield 4 Screenshot Revealed, Multiplayer Trailer Incoming

A new Battlefield 4 screenshot has hit the web, and a trailer is coming soon.

A new screenshot of Battlefield 4 has been revealed today, following a small advertising campaign made over Twitter. As users retweeted the unfinished image, more parts of it were revealed through follow-up tweets.

While we have already seen gameplay footage and other various screenshots pertinent to Battlefield 4, this one actually details a couple of things that may go unseen. The first of these is the lighting, which appears to feature a filter of some sort. Battlefield 3 put an emphasis on this visual characteristic, but it goes without saying the fourt iteration should improve upon it.

The other is not so much a concrete answer so much as it is an inference, but being that this is the latest screenshot of the Battlefield 4 hype train, we can assume that it's the most representative of what the game will look like upon release. If this is true, then the game will likely be astounding in terms of graphics. The screenshot already looks solid, and with a few more months of polish there's no telling what's possible.

Here's the screenshot:


A trailer is also expected to make the rounds shortly before E3, according to BF4Central. This information comes from a source who has proven his or her worth before. Information regarding the trailer is scarce, but we do know that it will be dedicated to the multiplayer portion of Battlefield 4. While this means that it will likely show us some gameplay, we wouldn't place any bets on it, considering E3 will be upon us after the reveal.