Ubisoft Discusses Watch_Dogs on PS4

PS4 version will be more immersive and connected says Ubisoft.

PlayStation has issued a video looking at the PlayStation 4 version of upcoming eagerly anticipated title Watch_Dogs from Ubisoft.

Dominic Guay, the game's senior producer, says Ubisoft wanted to make a very big game world for Watch_Dogs but that they also wanted "a lot depth, a lot of density." Chicago, where the game is set, has been realistically modelled on a 'real' city so that everything players do will be responded to by events and characters around them. 

The PlayStation 4 version of the game uses "all of the console's capability." This allows for more detail and more immersion over current gen versions of the game. "It's the same game experience but basically magnified on the PlayStation 4" Guay comments. 

Jonathan Morin, Watch_Dog's creative director, says Sony "got the game immediately," and understood the concept of player input and connectively between the player and the world around protagonist Aiden Pierce. 

Guay added that many of the decisions being made by Sony in making the PS4 were in line with what Ubisoft were planning for Watch_Dogs

Morin says Watch_Dogs is "exploring a very new way of expressing what online could be, what it means to be connected especially in a game where connectivity is at the heart of it." 

Switching from single player to multiplayer will be a straightforward process with no menus or lobbies involved. 

Watch_Dogs is set to be released on PC, Wii U, Xbox 360, the next Xbox, PS3 and PS4 on November 19th in the US and November 22nd in Europe. The PS3 and PS4 versions of the game come with an additional hour of content.