Ubisoft Releases New Splinter Cell Blacklist Multiplayer Trailer

Will you choose the spies or the mercs?

Ubisoft have released the Spies vs. Mercs trailer for upcoming tactical stealth shooter Splinter Cell Blacklist which showcases the game's multiplayer.

The trailer begins in a dark room with blaring sirens before focusing on the spies. Spies have the objective of hacking date and are described as "Stealthy, agile, deadly in shadows." The footage then shows spies using smoke bombs and night vision googles as well as poucning on enemies from above. 

The mercs meanwhile have the task of protecting data and we're told they are "Heavily armoured, powerful, lethal in light." Mercs have access to exploding drones they can fly into the enemy. 

Splinter Cell Blacklist is "multiplayer action redefined" according to the trailer. The game is set to be released on August 23rd for PS3. Xbox 360, Wii U and PC. Ubisoft have previously announced the game's pre-order incentives.