Batgirl DLC Spotted for Injustice: Gods Among Us

The latest addition to the Injustice roster looks to be Batgirl.

The critical success of NetherRealm’s Injustice: Gods Among Us wasn’t a big surprise. The Mortal Kombat developer knows a thing or two about how to design a fun, challenging fighting game, and being given the DC license only allows the studio to break out into a wider audience.  It’s the interesting characters and personalities that really tip the game over the edge, so the next DLC addition to the cast has been a much-speculated topic. However, according to recent video leaks, that information may now be available for all to see.

Game Informer has discovered both photographic and video evidence pointing to Batgirl as one of the characters likely part of the season pass offering. She has yet to be announced, but her name can be explicitly seen in the image above. Lobo was the first personality to be confirmed, and will see a release on May 7. He seems to be a mid-to-close-ranged brawler with several command grabs at his disposal. Lobo also stands asStan Lee's favorite DC Comics character, and was initially designed as a violent anti-hero type.

Mike Futter of GI attempted to imitate the process shown in the above video to see if she was still available, but as of this time, the issue has been resolved.

Both the developer and publisher have yet to comment on the supposed leak, so we may need to wait for an official announcement before anything can really be confirmed. Recently, NetherRealm teased new character skins for four of its fighters, adding images to show just small parts of each new outfit.