Sony’s E3 Press Conference Dated

Sony will go last with their conference.

Sony has announced the date and time of its E3 press conference for June 10th at 18:00 PT or 21:00 ET. European gamers who wish to watch will have a late night with the conference occuring at 02:00 BST or 03:00 CET on June 11th.

The PlayStation media briefing will, as usual, be the last of the major presentations behind Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft. Nintendo will not be hosting a press conference at E3 this year preferring instead to focus on Nintendo Direct presentations. 

In keeping with past years all of the conferences will be streamed online, last year some members of the public who queued up outside the hall where Sony's briefing was taking place were permitted entry but most attendees are games media or industry insiders.

The first pre-E3 conference, Microsoft's, kicks off at 09:30 PT on June 10th. This will be followed by Ubisoft's at 13:00 and EA's at 15:00. 

Sony are likely to show off more PS4 launch titles at the event following the PlayStation 2013 meeting in February when the console was announced and we'll also probably get to see what the console actually looks like as well as a more firm idea of the release date for the system and its price.

The PS4's lead architect, Mark Cerny, has said the console will have the strongest launch line up of PlayStation platform and all Sony first part studios are developing for the system as well as second parties including Quantic Dream.

It's unlikely the PS Vita and PS3 will be neglected however, with eagerly anticipated title The Last of Us launching the week of E3 and Beyond: Two Souls set for October. There are a number of other Sony published games set to be released for current consoles uncluding Rain and Puppeteer