Dragon’s Crown Character Trailers Depict Sorceress and Fighter

The Sorceress and the Fighter are depicted in two new trailers for Dragon’s Crown.

dragon's crown

Atlus has released two new trailers of the highly-anticipated Dragon's Crown today. The trailers show off two of the game's character classes: the Fighter and the Sorceress, both of which you can watch below.

The Fighter

The fighter is described as an elite swordsman, whose ability to rend enemies asunder make him an important asset to any team. He's a big guy, and he'll more than happily use his size to his advantage to slice and dice any enemies in his way.

The Sorceress

Part magic caster, part seductress, the sorceress has a wide variety of spells at her disposal which she can deploy in combat. She has the ability to set her enemies on fire or freeze them in place, and shattering what's left of them. She can even summon skeletons to aid her in combat or call upon the winds to throw her enemies into the air.

Dragon's Crown will be out later this year for the PS3 and PlayStation Vita.