High-Resolution Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Screens Released

A new set of screens for FFXIV have made their way onto the internet.

Look, everyone deserves a second chance. Not all games will see a smooth launch, and even if the title is the latest entry in a storied franchise, there’s always a chance that the game could still be a stinker. With Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix released an anemic, broken MMO with nothing more than a powerful name to carry it. However, even if the team did admit to its mistakes, there’s more to come from this colorful world. A Realm Reborn will be hoping to right all of its past wrongs when it launches for PC and PlayStation 3 this summer, and while we’re yet to get our hands on the final product, these recently released screens are a good indication of the hard work being put in to the re-release.

These images were just released by Square, and seem to display some of the in-game lighting featured in A Realm Reborn. Beautiful, mellow hues can be made out in the sky as the on-screen character travels from place to place, and what seems to be a momentous lighthouse can also be picked out in the distance.

As of now, players can sign up for the beta on the official website. This remade product is scheduled to enter its third phase of closed beta testing in June, and will soon be followed by an official release.  Phase 3 will make the PlayStation 3 version of the game playable, and thankfully, the console players will be able to play the game with PC users due to its cross-platform feature.