Wii U Price Slashed on Amazon

Looking to buy a Wii U? You may want to grab one while it’s cheap.

The Wii U just isn’t flying off the selves like Nintendo had hoped. It felt like only a few months after the launch of the original Wii that everyone and their great grandmother was enjoying the innovative action of Wii Sports and other popular, motion-based titles. That isn’t the case with the dual-screen, HD console, and it looks as if Amazon has slashed the price in order to excite the world about a Nintendo product once again.

However, it’s nothing too major. The Wii U launched last November with two main models. The basic, white package shipped without a companion game at $299.99, while the Deluxe, black version came with a game and some extra hardware space at $349.99. As of this morning, the basic bundle has been reduced by $20, sitting at a cool $279.99. The Deluxe set, on the other hand, has stayed at its original price point.

Will this spur any real change? If you’re Nintendo, you better hope so. The company has been struggling as of late, missing its financial projections by 50 percent and announcing that it will not be having its usual E3 press conference. Neither of these things will immediately sink the company, but the Mario maker is obviously in a much different situation in this console war than when the Wii was selling even faster than hot cakes.

And yet, if you’re interested in what the Wii U has to offer, heading on over the Amazon right now might not be such a bad idea.