There Will Be No Madden 2014 For THe Wii U

Being a serious football fan and Nintendo fan officially does not mix.

As if one needed further proof that the Wii U is in serious trouble, it has recently been revealed that the next upcoming release of Madden, Madden 2014, will not be coming to the Wii U.

The news comes from Nintendo World Report, who also points out that this is the first time, in 22 years, in which a Madden game will not be on a Nintendo system. A general lack of interest in Nintendo's new system among developers has been well documented, but this is a major blow without question.

Madden is EA's most cherished and recognized license, and for them not to bequeath a platform with a version speaks volumes of what they much feel about said ecosystem.

Especially since, for a while there, EA was guaranteed to release Madden for pretty much every system under the sun. Though those days in general appear to be in the past, perhaps due to the rising cost of game development.

At any rate, those of you who are Nintendo loyalists and still expecting to get your Madden fix via the 3DS version will also be disappointed. A non-numbered version came out when the system made its debut, in early 2011. But that's been it since then.

Shortly afterwards, EA stated that the series would not appear on a Nintendo handheld every again. And after making the more recent announcement, EA issued the following statement:

“… We have a strong partnership with Nintendo and will continue to evaluate opportunities for delivering additional Madden NFL products for Nintendo fans in the future."

So there might be a chance that Madden 2015 might finds its way back onto a Nintendo system, though the Wii U will apparently have to earn that privilege.