Risk of Rain Kickstarter Smashes Funding Goal

Game demos available now.

Risk of Rain, an action platformer with roguelike elements, has already achieved more than double its fundraising goal with seven days to go. 

The game promises to allow players the ability to use over 100 items in order to defeat enemies and bosses as well as advance through the game and has reached over $16,800 in funding, nearly $10,000 more than its $7,000 goal.

You can download a demo of the game here or here. The aims of Risk of Rain are to design a randomly generated playthrough every time, increasing difficulty the longer you player to keep up the challenge and intuitive gameplay.

Anyone who gives $10 or more will be issued with a DRM free issue of the game upon release.

Backers who contribute $25 or more will be entitled to play the game's closed beta which is set to begin once the Kickstarter closes. While support is planned for Mac and Linux the beta will only be available on PC.

An arena mode and game mutators have been added to the title as a result of the Kickstarter reaching its stretch goals though the developers have said that no new content will be added they will update the game for the foreseeable future.