LEGO Breaking Bad Parody Shows Us How Traveller’s Tales Could Make Mature LEGO Games

Little LEGO drug dealers.

The LEGO games as created by Traveller's Tales are known for being particularly family friendly. The gameplay eschews blood and gore in favour of cartoon violence and the immortality of characters that collapse into piles of bricks and are immediately rebuilt. And the franchises Traveller's Tales chooses to base its games on are generally fairly child-friendly ones: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc.

But what would a Lego game look like if it was based on a more mature fiction? One fan of the games decided to explore by creating a parody video of a LEGO game version of Breaking Bad.

For those who don't know, Breaking Bad is a TV drama about a chemistry teacher who discovers he has cancer and turns to making crystal meth to fund the expensive treatment and then ensure that his family has enough money left over when he dies. So, not the kind of topic that the LEGO games would cover. But it's a popular series, and – as the creator says is true of him – plenty would probably play it if it was a real thing.

Check out the video for some funny Lego-fied versions of the various characters in the drama, complete with little Lego guns. The video has plenty of humorous moments, as is typical of LEGO games, though these are perhaps a little more mature, for example when someone runs a couple of guys over (at which point they collapse into Lego bricks) and the camera pans across a poster for an attorney who deals with those involved in hit-and-runs.

Would you play a LEGO Breaking Bad?