Man of Steel: General Zod’s Helmet Totally Resembles Killzone’s Helghast

The helmets from Killzone bear some similarities to General Zod’s helmet in Man of Steel.

zod helmet

Man of Steel has a lot to offer readers of DC Comics, who've long been cursed with sub-par movies that have paled in comparison to their Batman counterparts by Christopher Nolan. The new film, directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Nolan, will feature the Man of Steel, Superman, in an entirely new light—one that's never been given to him before, at least on film. 

As a reboot of the film series, Superman will face General Zod, one of the arch-villains in the series, for the first time ever. Thus far, scant little has been revealed of the villain except to say that he's portrayed by Michael Shannon—who apparently dons a mask-like helmet at some points in the film. It's a helmet that makes him a total badass, in my opinion.

Although it's completely unique, the helmet bears some resemblance to the helmets worn by the Helghast troopers in Killzone. You can kind of see it in the skull shape followed by the breathing mask over his mouth and nose. His collar resembles something Destro from the G.I. Joe series would wear, but I can't help but keep coming back to the similarities his breathing mask has to the helmets in Guerrilla Games' series of first person shooters. 

The film is set to hit theaters next month, on June 14. So we'll see how closely the helmet resembles the Helghast helmet in due time.