Wii U Virtual Console Launch Trailer Shows Off Retro Games

Check out clips of Mega Man and Super Mario World.

The Wii U Virtual Console became available with the system update that rolled out last week, but just to remind us that it's there, Nintendo has released a launch trailer for the service. The video briefly runs through a few of the more technical features of the Virtual Console, but most people will want to watch it for the run through of which games are available, with accompanying clips.

First up is Excitebike, a motocross racing game that came out for the NES in 1986. Moving forwards a few years, we get Mega Man, originally launched for the NES in 1989. Next up is Xevious, a vertical scrolling shooter that started its life in the arcades. Balloon Fight is another one that started out in the arcades, but launched on the NES in 1986. Super Mario World, launched for the SNES on 1992, presumably needs no introduction, and was the obvious choice for Nintendo to show last.

After that, we get a bit of info on how the Virtual Console works. The coolest part is that all of the Virtual Console games will be playable on the GamePad, so you can turn off your TV and pretend you've got a portable SNES. But it's also interesting that you'll be able to create restore points at any point in any of the games, making these difficult old games that much easier as you can save and pick up from your selected point.

Finally, we get a glimpse of some more games that will join the service in the future, including: Street Fighter II, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Super Ghouls'n Ghosts, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.