Leviathan Warships Sets Sail for Launch With Second Jazzy Trailer

The game is ‘on sail now’.

Today Paradox Interactive released a launch trailer for Leviathan Warships, their naval real time strategy title, which is out now for $10.

The game's 'Jazzy Trailer #2' pulls out a bunch of seatastic puns provided by narrator Jazz Boatman and an armada of YouTube comments.  

"I'm not even going to wait for a sail – day one purchase," said one commenter. "This game looks like a hull of a good time!" chimed in another. "It's high tide a game like this came along, you can't afford KNOT to buy it," added another. "Do you think there'll be a port?" you boat-chya. 

Boatman recommends you "get your wine, slip into your favourite bath robe, draw yourself a bath, bring your tablet. Don't plug it in" when you go to play.

A good game apparently "sails itself" and you can check it out on PC, Mac, tablets and Android. Leviathan Warships features four player co-op across four platforms and cloud save features.

You can watch the original Jazzy Trailer here and the second below.