Prey 2 May Still be in Development, SLI Profile Listed

This highly anticipated project may no longer be in limbo.

Remember Prey 2? Of course you do. While the original first-person shooter developed by Human Head studios launched with little fanfare early on in the life of the Xbox 360, its sequel burst onto the trade-show scene with some serious gusto. The concept of taking on the role of a future bounty hunter on an alien planet instantly resonated with crowds of consumers, but as of last year, the project was put “in limbo” by publisher Bethesda. However, according to a recent SLI profile listing on Nvedia’s website, the game may still be in production.

If you take a gander at the names listed under the SLI Technology bullet point, you’ll see a slew of games either recently released or yet to hit retailers. The most interesting title, however, is technically not a game at all. “Human Head 2” can be seen in the grouping, and while that isn’t exactly the same as “Prey 2,” it does have the development studio’s name right in it.

Bethesda has been mum on the topic for quite some time now. Earlier this year, a possible screenshot was released of what looked to be a group of aliens having a conversation in the same city introduced in an older gameplay demo. Yet, with the project still on hold after issues continued to hit developer Human Head, it’s difficult to tell at this time what is actually being worked on.

What we do know, however, is that this is one of the first hints of Prey 2 life we’ve seen in quite some time. We’ll keep you updated on all future news.