Unreal Indie Bundle Gets You Seven Steam Games for $20

The bundle is available for the next week.

Epic Games announced today that it has collaborated with several independent developers to put together a bundle it's calling the “Unreal Indie Bundle”, available for the next week on Steam. As you might have guessed from the title, the bundle will include games that use Unreal Engine 3. This “very first” bundle of its kind will include seven indie games for $19.99 (USD), £14.99, or €17.99 depending on where you happen to live. It's not a direct conversion, but then you are getting seven games so it would seem petty to complain.

So what are those seven games?

First up is The Ball, a single-player action/puzzle game from 2010 in which you roll a ball around to solve puzzles or crush baddies.

Dungeon Defenders is a tower defence action-RPG, which combines classic tower defence with the ability to create a hero from one of four classes and have them join in with the combat. A sequel is due late this year or early next year.

Primal Carnage is that game you've probably seen that has dinosaurs in it. The game takes place on a mysterious island overrun by the creatures after crazy experiments went wrong. Gameplay is a case of pitting humans against dinosaurs, with five playable classes on each side.

Q.U.B.E. is an abstract first-person puzzle game in which you manipulate coloured cubes to make your way through the game.

Sanctum is another title that lets you do both tower defending and first-person shooting in the same game.

Unmechanical is another puzzle game from the same guys as The Ball, with a focus on exploration and challenge.

Waves is a twin-stick shooter that claims to be accessible at the entry level but a real challenge to master.

Is Epic Games asking a fair price for these seven games?