Company of Heroes 2 Will Ship With Theater of War Mode

A new mode is coming to COH2.

Company of Heroes 2

Sega has announced today that the upcoming game from Relic Entertainment, Company of Heroes 2, will ship with a new mode called Theater of War on top of its single-player campaign and accompanying multiplayer mode. The first game received multiple awards for both elements.

The Theater of War mode allows Relic Entertainment to tell different stories from the conflict in the form of new playable single-player and co-op content so players can team up against the AI. According to the release, the mode includes solo challenges where players are pitted against overwhelming odds, AI battles against an enemy commander with a unique play style, and co-op scenarios.

At the launch of Company of Heroes 2, the Theater of War mode will include missions from key battles in 1941 in which players will be able to choose to play as either the Soviet Red Army of the Germans, and visit multiple locations across the Eastern Front. Each faction—both the Soviets and Germans—will have nine unique missions included. More missions for the Theater of War will be added to the game at a later date, including the previously announced mini-pack that will be provided to all pre-order customers.

Greg Wilson, Producer of Company of Heroes 2, commented, "We get a lot of requests from fans to showcase specific conflicts from the war and it isn't always possible to fit these into the campaign. Theater of War gives us the opportunity to deliver these new gameplay experiences to our fans."

Quinn Duffy, Game Director commented, "Theater of War acts as a perfect bridge between the game's single and multiplayer content providing a high level of re-playability and helping to introduce traditionally solo players to the online elements of the game."

Underpinned by the Essence 3.0 engine, Company of Heroes 2 will be out on June 25, 2013. It is exclusive to the PC.