Pokemon X and Y: The Best Steel-Water ‘Fakemon’ We’d Like to See

We’ve found a truly amazing ‘Fakemon’ that needs to be in Pokemon X and Y.


The Pokemon community is full of vigorous supporters. With this support comes fandoms, art and even Pokemon ideas. Some ideas are better than others, but today we're bringing you a creation that we feel is the better of nearly all others thought up so far concerning Pokemon X and Y.

While many fan creations come in the form of fiery wraiths or lumbering behemoths, the one we've chosen wouldn't stand out like a sore thumb. It's because of this subtletly that we feel "Hammerank" would actually be a solid addition to the upcoming Pokemon games.

Created by DeviantArt user DanielDnA, Hammerank is aligned with Steel as a primary trait and Water as a secondary. While this does make him weak to Fighting, Fire and Ground types, it does mean that he will be able to fight back with fervor against Fire due to his secondary Water alignment. Furthermore, Steel types are known to possess some of the best defensive Pokemon ever created: Magnezone, Scizor and Forretress are all good examples of extremely strong Pokemon with better-than-average defensive statistics.

Hammerank is also unique due to the fact that he is a shark-based Pokemon, which leads this writer to believe that he'll be living in the ocean. Normally, in this situation, Water should be Hammerrank's primary type. This makes him the first ever Steel/Water type pokemon. Empoleon comes close, as he is Water/Steel.

With the Pokemon games getting older as a franchise, ideas for new Pokemon must be getting sparse. We think opening the arena up for fan suggestions and creations would be an awesome path for Game Freak to take.