Metal Gear Solid 5 Needs More Time in Development

Kojima feels that Metal Gear Solid 5 is too pressed for time.

Metal Gear Solid is a franchise whose fame and accomplishments can only be matched by a select few. The next game in the series is dubbed "The Phantom Pain," and continues the story of Big Boss. The title is the 11th entry in the franchise, and will be the first to feature an open-world style of gameplay.

While we are all very excited for the game's release, there has been no literature that asserts when the game will hit store shelves. A tweet from Hideo Kojima, the brain behind Metal Gear, gives light to some interesting facts.

"Such a large-scale Mo-cap is all done, but the game itself needs more time to be completed. We still need to shoot game motion, in addition to voice recording, facial capturing. And moreover implementing those tremendous volume of data takes tremendous amount of time and effort."

What we can gather from this is that Kojima obviously feels that the game is not even near completion. If development has not even passed the recording of "game motion," then it is likely we won't see the game for a while. Perhaps this is just Kojima's way of telling us that.

Kojima continued in another tweet.

"If it were movie creation, post-production and editing will follow after shooting, plus adding audio but since it is game we have a lot to go. But still I feel content as this is the 1st end of phases. This time it took over a year including auditioning, 3D capturing, military training, reading, rehearsing and shooting."

Don't hold your breath for The Phantom Pain. It's going to be a while. With some luck, maybe we'll get something from Kojima and his team at this year's E3 Expo, which will be held in June.