Dead Island: Riptide UK Steam Keys Unlock Dark Souls Instead

Not everyone who purchased Riptide has been able to access the game on Steam.

Avid fans of both the undead and baseball bats covered in spikes are likely drooling over the recently released Dead Island: Riptide. As the follow-up to Techland’s 2011 open-world hit, interested buyers across the world hopped on Steam or headed to GameStop to claim their copies. However, for those living in the U.K., some Steam keys for Dead Island: Riptide have instead unlocked the Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition.

This is according to a few recent posts on the Steam forums discovered by MCVUK, which tell the tale of a group of players who purchased the codes at retail and discovered Namco Bandai's game downloading instead of the Deep Silver product they paid good money for.  Deep Silver community manager Maurice Tan has since taken to the forums to shine a bit of light on what exactly is going on.

"To the best of my knowledge, this issue would affect retail copies in the United Kingdom and Nordic countries," he wrote. "We are aware of this mix-up by whoever printed these codes for a completely different game from a different publisher, and are working on a best possible solution to help affected players and retailers.”

Tan is asking everyone who received Darks Souls instead of Riptide to contact Steam support in order to get the issue resolved. Anyone in the U.K. who plans on purchasing the game today should have no issues, and will indeed be able to play the game they purchased. Honestly, looking at our review of Techland's game, it might be a better idea to just stick with Dark Souls. You know, if you like good games and all.