Hideo Kojima Posts Metal Gear Solid 5 Development Update

Hideo Kojima posted a lengthy development update on the progress of MGS5.


Hideo Kojima hasn't been posting updates about the progress of his latest game, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, on Twitter, for very long. But since he's began, he's been keen on updating his readers (that's us!) with what he's been up to on the project and how it's coming along.

Today, Kojima stated that all of the game's large-scale motion capture (mo-cap) is complete. He says that in spite of this development, much of the game itself has yet to be done, as the developers still need to shoot game motion, in addition to the voice acting and facial capturing.

"Such a large-scale Mo-cap is all done, but the game itself needs more time to be completed. We still need to shoot game motion, in addition to voice recording, facial capturing," he wrote. "And moreover implementing those tremendous volume of data takes tremendous amount of time and effort."

He added that should the game's development be referred to in terms of movie creation, it would be as if the studio still had to perform post-production and editing.

"If it were movie creation, post-production and editing will follow after shooting, plus adding audio but since it is game we have a lot to go," wrote Kojima. "But still I feel content as this is the 1st end of phases. This time it took over a year including auditioning, 3D capturing, military training, reading, rehearsing and shooting."

With any luck, the game will be out on time for release in early 2014.