The Script For Beyond: Two Souls Is 2,000 Pages Long, And Apparently Blank

Plus a massive waste of trees.

Sony's PR machine has been sending certain journalists copies of the script for Beyond: Two Souls, the latest game from Quantic Dream, best known for Heavy Rain.

As you can see from the image above, courtesy of CNET's Dan Ackerman, who posted it on his Facebook wall, it's quite big. 2,000 pages big to be exact.

It's mean to represent all the spoke dialogue in the upcoming game, though one will not be able to see how the virtual counterparts of Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe say to each other because the script is actually blank.

And the best part? According to Ackerman:

Yesterday was Earth Day, today Sony sends over 2000 blank pages to show off how big the script for Beyond: Two Souls is. And, all the pages have been hole-punched, so you can't just re-use them in a printer.

Much has been said about Quantic Dream front man David Cage's games and overall attitude towards game design as a whole, along with his supposedly over inflated ego, so the above certain does him little favors in the mind of his detractors.

But again, maybe that's the point?

The point of the wordless script, in addition to showing how much spoke dialogue is in the game, but without actually sharing any of it, is to promote the game's inclusion in the Tribeca Film Festival, in which all the narrative parts have been extracted and edited, to form a movie.

It's worth noting that Sega did the same thing, many years ago, for the game Shenmue.

By the way, the average film script is between 95 to 125 pages long. Also, the average movie is about 90 to 120 minutes in length. So at the very least, we know already that Beyond: Two Souls will be a very long game.