Animal Crossing: New Leaf Lures Tourists with Sun and Shopping

Visit ‘paradise’ and check out the local businesses.

Nintendo has released a couple more videos in its tourism-style series of trailers for upcoming 3DS game Animal Crossing: New Leaf. While the first of these explored such topics as the changing seasons, fruit falling from trees, and buried treasure, the second and third look at “paradise” and local businesses respectively. If you can bear to listen to a woman say things like “create your happy place”, then give the videos a watch. If not, here's a brief summary:

In the second tourism trailer, the focus is on summer. We get to see various player characters taking boat rides, eating tropical fruit, swimming in the sea, diving to look for underwater animals, experiencing “island tours” with friends, and shopping for souvenirs.

The third tourism trailer runs through the various local businesses that will exist in your town. Players can buy necessities at the T&T Mart. You can get seeds from the garden shop. Kicks (unsurprisingly) sells shoes. You can go dancing at Club LOL. Of course, Nook has his own shop at Nook's Homes, where you can check out remodels for your home. The Happy Home Showcase has model homes to inspire interior decoration.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is already out in Japan, but will be released in North America on June 9 (and in the EU on June 14). In it, players get the chance to actually be mayor of the animal village in which they find themselves, for the first time in the series. Will you give it a go?