‘Mob of The Dead’ New Trailer Surfaces

Mob of the dead receives new trailer featuring youtube songstress "Malukha."

mob of the dead

Treyarch has released a brand new trailer for the Mob of the Dead zombies mode map that graces the latest DLC for Black Ops 2, Uprising. The trailer is surprisingly emotive, with some poignant moments that are quite unlike what the mode itself has to offer—which is all out mayhem and ludicrousness ranging from supernatural weapons to a plethora of zombies that are anything but scary. Is this a form of ludonarrative dissonance? Who knows?

In any case, the one thing the trailer gets right (even if it gets the mood completely wrong) is the presence of zombies, all of which can be seen in the trailer below:

The song in the trailer is "Where Are We Going", as performed by YouTube-famous songstress Malukah, who rose to fame with her covers of the Skyrim soundtrack last year. The song itself appears as an easter egg in the game, which you can access through the guide below:

For more easter eggs, be sure to check out the guides for finding the Golden Spork, Pop Goes the Weasel, and more.

As previously mentioned, Mob of the Dead in Black Ops 2 is available as a part of the Uprising DLC for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.