Don’t Starve Launches Today

The survival game from Klei Entertainment is finally out of beta.

Don't Starve, the bleak survival game from Klei Entertainment, is officially out of beta as of today. Jamie Cheng, founder of Klei, took to the studio's forums to share the news with fans on Friday, but the official launch day is today.

Also on Friday, Klei released the final beta update for the game, which included a raft of new content. Adventure Mode is finished, so players can now challenge themselves with surviving through five randomly generated worlds to – apparently – learn NPC Maxwell's secret. New items include the Divining Rod, which is used in Adventure Mode to find portal pieces, and a sewing kit for repairing degraded clothing. Adventure Mode also gets you access to an unlockable character called Wes.

Klei will continue to update the game – the team promised to provide content updates for six months after the launch – but the first won't come until May 21 so that the developers can get a break. Now that the game is no longer in beta, updates will require more testing before implementation, so players shouldn't need to worry about game-breaking bugs.

With the announcement, Cheng included a retrospective launch trailer that includes clips from previous updates. It's an interesting look at how far the game has come with the addition of new content, and if you haven't actually seen the game in action before it provides a sense of what it's like to play it.

Will you grab the game now that it's out of beta?