The More People Pre-Order GRID2, The More Bonuses There Are

It’s kind of like Kickstarter. But not.

The latest racing simulation from Codemasters is almost here, GRID2. And as is par for the course, one can pre-order a copy of the game to nab goodies.

But as far as the PC version is concerned, it's not quite as simple as taking a stroll to your local Gamestop and putting down five bucks in order to nab an extra car or track or the like. And not just because they don't take advance orders for digital copies of games.

Instead, for the Steam version at least, Codemasters seems to be taking a few cues from Kickstarter of all places. For starters, pre-ordering this particular variant will save you ten percent off the asking price. So instead of $49.99 it's $44.99.

But further bonuses are available, provided that enough people also pre-order. Basically, it feels a lot like the stretch goals in a Kickstarter campaign. As in, once the goal has been met, let's try to get even more money to sweeten the deal. There are upwards of four potential bonus rewards that might materialize.

First is the Headstart Pack, which includes the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 GT, a RaceNet bonus, and a 15% discount voucher on all purchases from GRID 2’s online vehicle and upgrade store. Everyone who pre-orders gets that.

Next is the first reward tier, the McLaren Racing Pack. Along with everything in the Headstart Pack, one also get the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 and two routes to race at the Brands Hatch GP circuit

Then you have the second reward tier, which is basically everything above, along with a free copy of the first GRID. As Codemasters suggest: "Already own GRID on Steam? Gift it to a friend."

And finally is the third reward tier. It has everything stated already, plus the IndyCar Pack, which includes two routes at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Circuit, plus the Dallara IndyCar and Indy500 Pace Car liveries for the Chevrolet Camaro SS and Corvette Z06 Centennial Edition.

The third tier also includes the GTR Racing Pack, which contains the Nissan GT-R SpecV and all five routes around the Yas Marina circuit during the day.

All bonuses will be fulfilled once their associated goals have been met. But the thing is, there is no indication as to what they are. At the moment, it's only 64% to the first reward level. Though given that the release date is well over a month away, there's a good chance that everyone will be able to enjoy the spoils after all.

GRID2 arrives on Steam on May 28.