Metro: Last Light Survival Video Details Weapons and Inventory

Ammo is your lifeline in Metro: Last Light.

Metro: Last Light

The third and final video in the three-part Metro: Last Light Survival series has been released for mass consumption.

Titled "Weapons and Inventory", the latest diary showcases the weapons you'll be able to arm yourself with, and elements of inventory management that you'll have to deal with throughout the course of the game as you attempt to stay alive.

Exploring the unique equipment and brutal, hand-made weaponry every Ranger needs to survive the perils of the Metro, this chapter also teaches you how to use light as an ally (or even as a potential weapon) as well as detailing Metro's infamous bullet-driven economy and gun trading and customization mechanic.

Like its predecessor, Metro 2033, ammunition in the game serves two purposes: to shoot enemies, or to barter for items.

Metro: Last Light is out on May 14 in the US and on May 17 in Europe for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. There are no current plans to bring the game to next-gen platforms, for now.