Assassin’s Creed 4: Main Character Details, Templar Plot Revealed

Edward Kenway is a bit of an alcoholic, and he’s the only man who can stop the Templars in AC4: Black Flag.

assassin's creed 4

French gaming magazine Jeuxvideo has published a series of new details about Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. The information within the magazine is new to us and has never before been revealed to the public prior to the magazine's publication.

According to the magazine, the game's protagonist Edward Kenway is a character of excess—one with an alcohol addiction. His personality is described as selfish and even narcissistic at times, but incredibly intelligent. The character is an incredibly dextrous fighter and knows how to escape out of situations unscathed.

Apart from his skill with guns and the rapier, Edward Kenway is also equipped with a hidden blade, a blowpipe, which he can use to poison his enemies at a distance to create a distraction, or simply kill them silently. He also equips a Rope Dart, much like the one used by Connor in Assassin's Creed 3.

Kenway is extremely adept at stealth, and will have the ability to hide behind doorways to avoid patrolling guards. He will also be able to blend seamlessly into groups of prostitutes (as opposed to courtesans in previous games) to elude his enemies.

The Templars' role in the story pertains to their interest in a specific location in the Caribbean—a location also critical to the Assassins. In case you haven't yet guessed, the area in question is the Bermuda Triangle, which players will explore as a part of the mystery of the advanced race of precursors.

Interestingly enough, the game will not have any loading times between sea missions and the mainland, so players will be able to transition between sailing their ships and walking on land rather seamlessly. Speaking of ships, players will be able to engage other ships through a variety of ways and means, including ship-to-ship combat, battles aboard the deck, or even sneak aboard silently in order to dispatch the captain.

For completing missions, players will receive money which they can use to improve the Jackdaw, recruit sailors and pirates into the crew to provide assistance in battles. It will be possible to lose these crewmen in battle if you aren't careful.

The source of the translation comes from the Italian Facebook community, Il Salatto degli Assassini.

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