X-COM Shooter May Still be on the Way

Viral trailer hints that 2K Marin’s title is set to re-emerge.

A new 25 seconds long viral trailer entitled 'Russian Meteor Lies' for 2K Marin's X-COM shooter has been released. 

The game is set in 1962 and the video was uploaded by user 'Veritas MCMLXII' or 'Truth 1962.' The viral video for the game also features the source code phrase 'whathappenedin1962', a web-domain Take Two registered earlier this year. They also registered domains for thebureau_game.com and thebureau-game.com. 

Game journalists have also been sent tourism packages this week containing information on locations which were originally planned to appear in the X-COM shooter. 

Recently the game's official website was pulled and two of its trailers were set to private on YouTube. During a financial briefing in February it was announced that the game was still in development

With the release of the the viral footage and the press packs it seems 2K may be about to re-announce the game.

The trailer sees a car following the path of an object crossing the sky before the trailer's narrator takes over saying "A meteor? That's what they want you to believe? We did it differently in my time. We didn't cover it up, we erased the truth. We told ourselves it was the right thing to do. But the truth can only be erased for so long."