League of Legends March Madness Tournament Qualifier to be Broadcasted by CSL

The final qualifier is set to be aired in just a few minutes.

The ever-pervasive League of Legends has stretched its wings to cover a huge portion of the competitive gaming scene. Having stolen the banner from features such as World of Warcraft's Arena system, the title has carved out much more than a niche for itself in the hearts of millions of gamers.

So much so, in fact, that the game has locked itself into a league connecting various college campuses through competitive online play. This is something that not every game is capable of attaining, due to competitive gaming's market being so slim. Starcraft II is one of the very few titles that has garnered mainstream acceptance among college students. The Collegiate Star League is looking to help League of Legends' rise to glory by offering live, streaming broadcasts of tournaments held within the collegiate circuit.

The next event that will be shown under the CSL flag will be the final qualifier in the March Madness tournament. The match will pit Texax A&M University (who also had a pretty strong year in the college football realm this year) against Georgia Institute of Technology. The two have shown that they have the chops throughout the tournament, and will be crowned the winners of this qualifier. This means that they will advance to the next round of the tournament and face even stiffer competition.

The broadcast starts in just ten minutes, so go ahead and get your competitive gaming pants on. This match-up should be fireworks for any self-respecting League of Legends fan.